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The value of molasses in spring

Feeding molasses in early lactation helps drive appetite and improve both rumen function and energy levels following calving. Because molasses is low in protein and high in sugar, it helps dilute excess protein and complements the low sugar levels of spring pasture.

Preventing metabolic disease before and after calving is critical at this time of the year. Cows are at risk of developing hypocalcaemia (milk fever), hypomagnesaemia (low blood magnesium levels) and ketosis (negative energy balance). Agrifeeds’ Molasses Xtra products are a range of molasses mineral blends designed to help reduce the incidence of metabolic disease.

Dairy cows require magnesium in the diet for nerve transmission, muscle function and bone mineral formation. Rumen microbes also need magnesium to help digest dietary fibre. Agrifeeds Molasses Xtra Himag is a molasses and magnesium chloride blend with a low dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD), which provides 18 grams of elemental magnesium per one kilogram (kg) fed, making it ideal for cows on transition diets.

Ketosis is a condition caused by an energy imbalance resulting in low blood sugars and or high blood ketones. Cows can become ketotic before and after calving when a negative energy balance in the diet means the total energy needed is greater than the amount of energy supplied to the cow. Agrifeeds Molasses Xtra Rumag300® and Rumol300® blends are designed to be fed throughout lactation. They provide essential energy, help balance the diet, improve rumen function and contain Rumensin® which aids in the control of ketosis and prevention of bloat (ACVM No. A7871).

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See the full range of Molasses Xtra mineral blends or talk to your local Agrifeeds Animal Nutrition Sales Representative or rural retailer for more information.