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Discover the benefits of molasses

It's the accessible, cost-effective complementary feed with year-round benefits. No matter your infrastructure, discover the benefits of including molasses into your herd’s nutrition plan with Agrifeeds Molasses or PKExtra.

Agrifeeds Molasses

  Increased energy for maintenance and production

  Increases blood sugar levels post-calving which leads to improved conception rates

  Improves appetite and feed intake

  Improves digestion by increasing microbial bacteria in the rumen

  Acts as an effective mineral carrier

Agrifeeds PKExtra

  Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE) precisely blended with molasses available as PKExtra 10®, PKExtra 20® and PKExtra 30®

  Minimises dust and wastage

  Scientifically proven to improve feed conversion and productivity*

  Cost-effective – lower on farm delivery costs**

  Suitable for silos and in-shed feed systems

*Based on independent research carried out by Webster and Hoover at the Rumen Fermentation Profiling Lab in West Virginia, USA, 2015.
** Lower on farm delivery costs per kg of molasses compared to bulk Feedgrade Molasses.

Feedgrade Molasses

At different stages of the year there is a nutrient gap that needs addressing in order to provide the cow with the most efficient balance of nutrients. Feeding molasses throughout the year helps to fill these gaps by improving digestion of pastures, helping to maintain body condition and appetite, and increasing milk productivity which leads to extra days in milk. Molasses is an excellent complementary feed that improves palatability and digestibility of all feeds. It also acts as an effective mineral carrier and is available with a range of minerals, including Rumensin® to aid in the prevention of metabolic issues (e.g. Ketosis, Bloat).


  • Extra energy for maintenance and production.
  • Molasses feeds the rumen microbes, improving the utilisation of other feeds in the diet.
  • Helps balance the diet.


  • Improves palatability of additives.
  • Improves PKE intake.
  • Molasses is highly palatable and encourages the cow to eat when appetite drive is low.


  • Improves fibre digestion.
  • Assists in PKE digestibility.
  • Increases the microbial bacteria in the rumen to improve digestion of high protein and fibre grasses.
  • Dilutes protein and fibre excesses as well as increases carbohydrate and energy intakes.
  • Reduces the fibre fill effect and improves the digestibility of high NDF summer pasture, silages and PKE.


  • An energy dense diet fed pre-calving will assist in keeping the cows in a good nutritional state post-calving.
  • Provides essential energy before, during and after mating to help maintain pregnancy rates -condenses calving patterns.
  • Increase blood glucose levels to improve conception rates.

Feedgrade Molasses is also available with a wide range of minerals as Molasses Xtra. Feedgrade Molasses and Molasses Xtra are available in 25kg pails, 250kg drums or bulk delivered direct onto farm.




We’ve taken our quality, double-screened Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE) and molasses and mixed them for you.

The latest blending technology enables PKE to be precisely blended with 10%, 20% or 30% molasses to create PKExtra 10®, PKExtra 20® and PKExtra 30®.

PKExtra is suitable for all feed system types, including silos and in-shed feed systems.

  • Precision blended. Our feed blender conveniently adds molasses to PKE in precise quantities, saving you money on expensive molasses feeding infrastructure and freight to farm.
  • Improved taste. PKExtra’s palatability increases feed intake for improved condition, resulting in less waste and more milk in your vat.
  • Minimises dust. Less dust means reduced respiratory issues for your herd, less mess and less wastage.
  • Better feed conversion. Molasses provides energy and helps aid PKE digestion. This can mean higher milksolids produced per kg of feed and more milk for your money.
  • Cost-effective. PKExtra has lower freight to farm costs so it’s a cheaper way to get molasses to your farm.*
  • Select your minerals. Since PKExtra is made-to-order, you can opt to include minerals in order to meet your herd’s seasonal mineral requirements.

*Lower on farm delivery costs per kg of molasses compared to bulk Feedgrade Molasses.

PKExtra typical nutritional analysis

DM% Basis PKExtra 10® PKExtra 20® PKExtra 30®
Dry Matter 88.5% 87.0% 85.5%
Crude Protein 16.0% 15.3% 14.7%
Starch 0.0% 0.7% 1.4%
WSC 9.4% 14.1% 18.9%
Energy 11.73% MJ/kg DM 11.76 MJ/kg DM 11.79 MJ/kg DM
NDF 53% 51% 50%
*Lower on farm delivery costs per kg of molasses compared to bulk Feedgrade Molasses.

The science behind PKExtra

PKExtra improves total carbohydrate digested, which means a faster and more complete digestion, higher feed intake and more milk output.

PKExtra improves butyrate yeild

PKExtra increases the volatile fatty acid Butyrate and energy yield in the rumen compared to PKE, which means increased production of high value milk protein.**

Based on independent research carried out by Webster and Hoover at the Rumen Fermentation Profiling Lab in West Virginia, USA, 2015.
*Forage is similar to summer-type pasture with 45% NDF.
**Seymour et al., 2005, An. Schi. Tech.