Pro-Blend Extender

Pro-Blend Extender is a high quality protein and energy blend to support a balanced diet. Specifically designed to help maintain feed intake, helping to achieve body condition targets and extend lactation.

Ingredients selected from: Palm kernel expeller, molasses, tapioca, biscuit cereal meal, kibbled maize, rolled feed barley, rolled feed wheat, sunflower pellet,corn DDGS, corn gluten feed, canola meal, soybean meal, soy hull pellet, Bolster.

Dry Matter 90%
Energy 12.5 MJ/kgDM
Crude Protein 16%
Neutral Detergent Fibre 40%
Starch and Soluble Sugars 17%


All animal feed products should be fed as part of a healthy balanced diet matched to the specific requirements of the herd. Agrifeeds makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the suitability of any of the products supplied to the specific requirements of your animals. Please note that recommended feeding rates are given as a guideline only and will vary based on the total diet and actual feed intake of your animals. It is recommended that you consult your vet, nutritionist or farm consultant before making any dietary changes.

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